Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THE Trip, St. Louis, The King of Beers

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While in St. Louis, one probably should take in the tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, so, we did.  It was interesting, the only down side was the fact that both of our tour guides spoke fast, like they were running some kind of sprint, and they did not enunciate well. Seeing that they used a microphone, with echos in some of the buildings and quite a bit of background noise in others, we now have a problem. With Man's hearing loss, he cannot understand large hunks of what they were saying.

It was disappointing to go on a tour to learn about the company and not be able to hear or understand what they were saying. But, the beer samples at the end of the tour were quite good! Of course, Carol took a lot of photos (148 or so for the day), here are a few.

Beechwood aging.

Attention Son # 1, 2 and 3. 
This is your competition!

Bottles, and more bottles, filled, capped.
Now, where is the bottle opener and chilled glass?
Ohhhh, ya, see below.

Free samples, they offered, we accepted.
MMM, good!

The day also included a visit to the City Garden in St. Louis and Al's find, Culinaria.  They will be featured in my next post.



Heather Rojo said...

Very interesting! There is a Bud brewery near me, and it is the smallest Bud brewery in the US. They distribute only to New England, but they also raise the Clydesdale horses there in a pretty little hamlet. Guests are always surprised when we take them for a tour. I love the smell of the place, like rising bread. It would be great to got to St. Louis to see the home of the "King of Beers". I heard it was the largest of all breweries in the world.

Barbara Poole said...

Very nice Carol. Although, not a beer drinker, I did take the plant tour in Williamsburg, VA years ago. It was very interesting. My husband had my sample. Loving your trip.

Karen said...

I learn (and see) so many interesting things on your blog, Carol! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Looks like a very enjoyable tour! I'll have to put this on my "bucket list".

Cynthia Shenette said...

I liked your comment, "Free samples, they offered, we accepted." Are you sure you weren't with us in California wine country in July? ;)

You're my kind of girl...