Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Minutiae, Almost the Last Garbage Day

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Say what?? Is Carol talking another new language??  Nahhhh, that is just how we refer to the last week we are in the stick built, we have one more garbage day pickup (current plan anyway) before we start out on THE Trip.  Once that last garbage pickup is done, we change modes of operations around here, first of course, with trash and garbage from the house.  If the garbage has food particles, it goes in one trash can, if it is paper, it goes in a second trash can.  (Disclaimer, we do NOT have ecologically wise trash removal here, everything goes in the same truck.  Nope, not modern at all, even if that is the name of our trash removal company.  None of those separate green bins for the totally rinsed out and clean food containers, one for cans, one for bottles, one for paper.)  See, we can leave paper and NON food trash in the garage all winter long, no fear of coming home to, mmmmm, fragrant, trash cans.  We take the food particles type trash with us, and dispose of it in a campground. Usually it is only one bag, maybe two.

SOOO, we are almost to the last garbage day.  That means we will pick up on the packing frenzy.  It will escalate to the highest level.  We are counting our blessings, as it looks like this year we will have rather warm days and nights for the final week of packing, which means, we can pack freezables and NOT run the heat in Tana.  A good thing!

We have a few more appointments and family gatherings.  A very busy week is ahead.   The multi-page to do list will be printed out and we will starting ticking off items, mail forwarding, blinds drawn, toaster in the oven (mmmmm, keeps mice outta my toaster, this storage choice is the result of a very ugly infestation a few years back, a really gross story, ewwwwwww). 


This last week or so, I have been attempting to get rid of pieces of paper from my desk.  By doing so, I have written, in full or in part, a number of blog posts that I can use in the future, don't you just LOVE the draft mode of Blogger??  I do!  LOL  You see, I have no idea what the next several months will bring, I have been keeping up a rather intense posting schedule, on two blogs, and I just don't know how that is gonna play out. 

THE Trip, we think, will be much heavier in travel days and moving around the landscape than we have been doing for a number of years.  Usually our winter escapes have been travel TO a southern warm place, stay there 2 to 5 months, then, travel back to SE Michigan.  Yes, we have incorporated stops, visiting family and research libraries along the way when we travel.  One year we left the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and came home via Gulf Shores Alabama, Durham North Carolina, Richmond Virginia and Broadway Virginia.  Not exactly a direct route. 

However, THE Trip, will take us to new places, west of the I-35 corrridor, and I am just not sure how much energy that will leave me for blogging.  Time will tell, and, you know, that Man and I are very excited to find out what is past I-35!


Do you ever read the "other" columns on the blogs you read??  Lots of interesting things in those "other" columns.  For instance, in my "other" column you can see hints of what I posted on Reflection's Flora and Fauna.   You will find links to other great blogs I enjoy reading, links to a few of my favorite causes, a prayer list for those friends and family in need, a email addy so if you surf in and find a name you are researching you can contact me (please, please do!), some of my favorite sayings, some favorite photos including those of the 3 fur kids, and a bunch of other tidbits I tuck in here and there.  By the way, that "other" column tends to change a lot, so, mmmmm if you are not reading it, who knows what you missed.  I know I am not the only blogger that changes that "other" column(s).  So, what was in your "other" column today??


I leave you today with a graphic I have been saving for some time, and today just seems like the right time to share it with you, found while doing some research at way last winter - -

Click on it to enlarge and then I direct you to:
Mrs. Helen L. Andrews, 2306 Waverly st.

body contourist ???


I believe I am hearing, faintly, getting louder, just a little louder, strains of "On the Road Again" - - -


Nita said...

We seem to generate a lot of garbage. So when we go away for winter, we always leave on the day after "garbage pickup day". That way Al can clean out the container and put it away for the winter. I like your idea of keeping the paper separate and storing in garage. Enjoy your final days at home and don't work too hard. Hope to see you sometime over the winter.

Greta Koehl said...

Have a great and safe trip and hope to see at least a little bit of blogging and lots of pictures.

lindalee said...

Say what?????".... and I am just not sure how much energy that will leave me for blogging" I am laughing out loud here, Carol....Carol too tired to blog....NO WAY!!!! Have a safe trip and I am looking forward to following you on your trip.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Ditto Greta's comment. So pleased you're almost en route to wherever the spirits take you. Enjoy The Trip.