Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THE Trip, St. Louis, City Garden and Culinaria

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After our tour we went over to the City Garden (suggested by Susan, great suggestion, thank you Susan!). Parking was a bit of a challenge, mmmmmm, football game, need I say more?? LOL Finally Man's driving around resulted in a free place to park. We walked around, took lots of photos (now, there is a surprise, right, NAHHH).

 Bronze, 1999
by Jean-Michel Folon

"Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels"
Painted Bronze, 2009
Jim Dine,
who has been fascinated by Pinocchio for years.

Four Rectangles Oblique
Stainless Steel 1979
George Rickey
Mesmerizing, the rectangles move by wind
and by gravity, always changing in speed,
direction, and which rectangle is moving.
This one needs to be seen in person, in motion!

Eros Bendato
Bronze, 1999
Igor Mitoraj

La Riviere
Bronze 1938-1943
Aristide Maillol

There are at least 23 pieces of art and statuary in the City Garden.  According to the web site:  "In total, the garden includes 235 trees, comprised of twenty different species. Of the 89 other species of plants, there are 1,170 shrubs, 4,194 perennials, native grasses and wildflowers, 8,000 bulbs, 12,726 groundcovers, and 32,000 square feet of lawn."    Impressive!

By now I was in desperate need of real food and fuel, and, ya, Carol was a bit (a 'lot' if you ask Man) C-R-A-N-K-Y. Man drug me down a few blocks and found this fun and fabulous place, Culinaria. (I think he got real lucky on this find, he will tell you he just knew he would find something terrific before I dropped over in a starving faint! LOL) We ate, food was good, priced reasonable, and Man was happy that Carol was a lot less cranky when we left than when we went in!

We did not "do" the Arch, nor several other interesting and historical sites in and around St. Louis.  We are still watching the weather, we still need to get further south and west.  So, we limited our stay here to just a few nights.  We keep reminding ourselves we are NOT on a vacation, we can do as little or as much as we want, move on when we want, take in what sites we want.  We have no schedule, only factor we are mindful of is Mother Nature, and, if she catches us in some foul stuff, like snow, we shall just sit and wait for it to thaw.  That said, Mother Nature can keep all ice storms to herself!  LOL

So far, we have enjoyed our days on the road and the slow pace we are keeping.

*Between the time I originally wrote this and posted it, Mother Nature cooked up a tornado watch, thunderstorm, 60 MPH wind and hail warnings.  Man and I put the slides in during the worst of the storm.  It did rain, but the winds and the hail did not happen, and we did not miss them!  Forecast for next several days are dropping temps, and some rain off and on, and mmmmm, the words "mixed precip" came up.  OOO OOO.



Ron and Thelma said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Al and Carol and Yorkies too. Have safe travels

Nolichucky Roots said...

So glad you got to and enjoyed City Garden. It's my favorite spot in St. Louis. Safe travels. Hope you're out of this weather by now!

Greta Koehl said...

Love the sculptures. Careful driving in the bad weather and have a great Thanksgiving.