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Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Middle

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For the first part of Archie's story, see Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Beginning.

So, in 1901 Archie marries his first wife, Sarah E. Glenn.  And, about 1 1/2 years later, Archie and Sarah, who goes by Nellie, have their first and only child, a daughter.  They name their daughter, Letty, after his mother.

Archie and Nellie are found living in Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, Minnesota in 1905 and 1910, he earns his living as a farmer.

By 1913 he is working as a meat cutter living on Newton avenue in Minneapolis.  In 1914 he is living at 2637 Stevens Ave.; 1915 he is at 2633 Stevens Ave.

Stevens Ave & E 28th Street.
Just about one block away
from 2924 Stevens Ave

In 1916, the last time we find him in Minneapolis, and the last time we find him living as 'Archie Lashbrook', he is living at 2924 Stevens Ave.   I noted the irony of the fact that he is living at Stevens avenue, and he takes that name as his when he arrived in Michigan.  I suppose it could just be a coincidence - - yea, right!

1916 becomes a pivotal year for Archie. On September 9, 1916 his niece, Ruth Marion Stringer is born. Ruth is the daughter of Archie's sister Elizabeth.  Just days later, on September 16, 1916 Archie's uncle, Charles Norman Clifford dies. Charles Norman Clifford is living at 2924 Stevens Ave. at the time of his death. Yea, there is that address again.

It is about this same time that family members have told us that Archie disappeared, having gone to the store for a gallon of ice cream never to be seen in Minneapolis again. It is also about this time that the same family members tell us that another of Archie's sisters was impregnated. (See part 1 and Archie's confession, in which he confesses to having murdered a man that had impregnated one of his sisters.) 

The family provided a name for the "daddy", said there was the threat of a law suit, but that the "daddy" came up with an alibi. The pregnancy ended tragically, apparently the baby died before it was a full term baby. After many hours of research I cannot verify any of the family story. I read newspapers for court cases, birth announcements, marriage announcements. I read court record indexes, I came up empty searching ALL names I was given. I searched some surnames from family connections from the previous generation.  I even searched for the name Stevens, nadda. I could not locate a record for a still born child with any of the names I had.

All I can prove is that Archie's uncle was living with him, and died.  And Archie became an uncle himself just days before that death.  (OK, I'll say it, I have been known to wonder if Archie killed his uncle.  I cannot help myself, the stories and facts and dates are just so close.  While reading all those newspapers, I also looked for a report of a murder, and, you guessed it, nothing was published.)

Anyway, Archie goes missing.  In the 1920 Minneapolis directory, we find his first wife listed as follows: "Nellie Lashbrook, widow Archibald, boards at 2955 Newton Ave. N."  Nellie believes he is dead. I contacted the Probate Court of Hennepin County, Minnesota asking if Nellie had Archie declared dead, she did not.

In 1923 Archie's father, Wallace dies, his probate case lists the following heirs:  "Lettie A. Lashbrook, wife; Lettie Frazee, daughter of Archie N. Lashbrook, son, deceased; Elizabeth Stringer, daughter; Etta Barre, daughter; and Linnie Brown, daughter."  Part of Wallace's obituary was found in the meager belongings left behind by Archie.  All that was left of the obit was the photo and the headline, "Rites To Be Held Monday for North Side Pioneer."  The rest of the obituary was cut off, no name, no dates, nothing.

In 1930 when Archie's mother, Letta dies, we find these interesting tidbits in her Will:

"The second item: After payment of such funeral expenses and debts, I do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my son, Archie N. Lashbrook, the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, in cash, to be paid to him, only, in the event that he is found or appears at the time of my death and the probating of my Will, and in the event that he is not found, or does not appear, at the time of my death or the probating of my Will, it is my wish and will that said sum of Five Hundred Dollars is to be returned back into my estate, to be divided pro rata among the beneficiaries hereinafter named.

The third item of Letta/Lettie's Will read: In the event my son, Archie N. Lashbrook does not appear and cannot be found, at the time of my death, or the probating of this my Last Will and Testament, it is then my wish and I do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved granddaughter, Lettie Lashbrook, the sum of Three Hundred Dollars."

Seems that Archie's mother, Lettie suspects (or knows?) her son is alive.  I can tell you that Archie did not appear and claim his $500.00 inheritance, and his daughter, Letty, did get her $300.00.

Archie's first wife, Nellie, would eventually remarry.  By 1930, Letty, Archie's daughter moved to California.  Her mother, Nellie, eventually moved to California as well.  Letty, the daughter, was bitter about Archie, extremely bitter.  Archie had abandoned his wife and his only daughter.  Letty would have been about 14 when Archie left, I can only imagine it was a traumatic time for this teen.
Until just recently we had no idea where Archie was between 1916 and 1918 when he married Man's grandmother - -

To be continued.  Tomorrow, the finale.

* Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Finale, is found here.


IrishEyesJG said...

Such an interesting history! "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive". Looking forward to the next instalment. Cheers! Jennifer

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Wow, great story. Can't hardly wait for the final installment!!

Nolichucky Roots said...

Riveting, Carol. There's a book here.

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So the evidence (his father's probate info & his "widow" remarried) indicated that Archie was dead -- no wonder genealogical research can get complicated! Can't wait for the final chapter.


Greta Koehl said...

This took real persistence to pull all this information out - bravo! And the story gets juicier and juicier. Plus - I wonder about the uncle, too!