Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THE Trip, Onward to St. Louis

3opyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After our short stop in Springfield Illinois, Man and I headed Big Butt and Tana west and south. We departed via I 55 south, driving directly to St. Louis, Missouri.  We crossed the ole Mississippi, shot off a few photos of the Arch. 

THE Arch, St. Louis.  Taken while crossing the Missisippi
River.  I might be getting a bit better at this 60 MPH
photo taking.  This was a challenge, taking the photo at 60,
balancing the Baby HP computer on my lap, reading the
maps on Streets & Trips, helping Man with directions, traffic
and Tana in tow.  OK, I'll confess,
 I am very happy with this photo!  LOL

Next we headed out I 44 to our next campground, another KOA, this one in Eureka, Missouri.

As Man and I were making our way along I 55, Susan, AKA Nolichucky Roots, commented on the blog that if I came by St. Louis, I should wave.  So, I waved, AND, I emailed her. We hatched a plan to grab some barbeque (now you know Man could not resist that kind of temptation LOL) later that evening.

Dinner was at Super Smokers BBQ. MMM, GOOD!
(Google it, read all about their awards!)

Our last minute hatched plan turned into a delightful evening, great food, really good micro-brew pilsner beer, and lots of good laughs and research stories.  Susan and her hubby are super people, and we have a love of Michigan to share as well, as they once lived in Grand Haven.   Thanks for the meetup Susan.



Barbara Poole said...

Glad you are having fun. And what, no picture of the mysterious Susan? So glad you got to meet another blogger, and a friendly one at that.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Aww, shucks, Carol. You say the nicest things. It was fun and a treat to meet one of my blogger idols. And Barbara, this is my picture ;) Just a little out of date...

Linda McCauley said...

How fun! But all this time I thought Susan lived in TN. BTW, great Arch shot!

TennLady said...

I still can't believe I went up in that arch - me and my fear of heights!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Kudos on the crisp photo of the arch- you really got a good one! Best wishes for continued good times on your trip!

Greta Koehl said...

Super Smokers - mmmm, good is right!

Karen said...

Sounds like a great time! Can't go wrong with meeting a fellow genealogy blogger over BBQ!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Fantastic picture of The Arch. I would never have known it was taken at 60mph if you wouldn't have confessed! LOL

LindaRe said...

You did good, real good with the picture. Very pretty picture.