Thursday, November 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday, Toni's Wardrobe

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Recently I shared with you my doll, Toni.  I promised to show you her wardrobe, treasures themselves, as my mother made all of them, except maybe one or two of the outfits.

Above:  The collection (or most of it).

Toni's cowgirl outfit, felt-like material.  Note the gun which fits in the holster pocket, gun is less than an inch in length.  The gun came out of one of those machines where you put in a coin and get a small prize.  My mother made my father put $$ into a machine until he "won" the gun!

Toni's nurses outfit, including the hat.

Toni's band uniform, made even more special since my
mother was a band director before marriage to my father.

Toni's bath robe, clown costume and 50's apron.  (Don't cha just love that rick rack trim?)  Believe the clown costume may have been made about the same time as the costumes that my brother and I wore here.

Toni's skating outfit, including panties and skates.  Dark blue velvet. Gotta say, the fur trim did not stand the test of time very well!  (LOL)

On left:  sun dress and coat.  Top middle: school dress and white shirt.  Bottom middle, maybe the original???  I believe this is the only dress/outfit my mother did not sew.  Right, I was a Brownie, and so was Toni.

Toni the bride.  Dress, slip, panties, flowers, and veil (which I had to put on an upside down coffee cup so  I could get the photo)  Satin, of course, with a bunch of netting.

Toni's formal evening dress, the slip changed the color of
 the dress, quite elegant.  Fur cape and hand warmer/muff.

Toni's summer lawn party dress.  (Hey, my Toni, my designations!  LOL)  This is the outfit that I patterned the dress in the photo from the prior post.  This one has a cotton slip, and the dress and hat are made from a polished cotton.  I could not find polished cotton when I was making her white dress.  Fickle material designers!  (LOL)

Toni's black velvet formal cape with fake fur trimmed hood.  The velvet has worn well.  And, last, well you know - -  

Top:  Wool (?) warm coat, the hat has real fur buttons (must be real, not shedding at all). Bottom:  skirt with hand beading (not sure what the material is, heavy tho), note to the left of it is a small hand bag that is hand beaded as well.  Middle:  from left to right, starting with, yes, indeedy, Johnson's Baby Powder.  Must have been used with another baby doll I had, and yes, there still is powder in the metal dispenser.  Small mirror, white Toni shoes, one sock (have no idea where the other is), blue shoes and to the far right, mittens.

I can see that I need to take some time next year and investigate cleaning and pressing her clothes.  Considering they have been stuffed into a drawer and stored away for, mmmmm, well, a LOT of years, I was rather surprised at how well preserved most of them are.  Maybe that lack of care was actually a good thing, as they were not torn, or abused, they were just tucked away, out of the light and dust. 

Toni's clothes, she was a well dressed young lady.  The photos don't do justice to the detail of each outfit. 

Toni's treasures.  Carol's treasures.



Nolichucky Roots said...

Treasures indeed! It seems your mother was as meticulous and detailed in her specialties as her daughter is in hers. Love the beaded skirt.

GrannyPam said...

I don't even have clothing like that! What a wonderful collection. I like the Brownie uniform best. Did she every sell cookies?

Greta Koehl said...

I love the skating outfit - I'm a sucker for velvet.

Karen said...

Great collection - enjoyed reading about Toni as well. Particularly love the Cowgirl outfit!