Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THE Trip, Big Butt Gets a Present

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

In preparation for THE Trip Man and I decided that Big Butt (the hauling machine) deserved (OK, we wanted) a present, new rain guards on each of the 4 windows.  Purpose, bit of shading, but, mostly you can leave the windows down about 2 inches, allowing heat to escape and rain cannot get in.  And, you cannot tell the windows are down from the outside.  Neat little addition, thanks to friends John & Donna for the idea.  Other friends have rain guards, but John and Donna convinced us how great they were!  LOL

Installation, only took a few minutes.

Looking out, the dark gray strip is the rain guard, window is down.

Looking into Big Butt, rain guard at the top of the window, window down.

* Under that ugly brown hat in the last photo, the Garmin GPS, that little tidbit of technology has soooo many stories, most are rather ugly and angst ridden, not limited to, but including the worst fight Man and I have ever had!  No kidding!

Cord snarls on the far bottom right of the last photo is connection for my GPS to my Baby HP (the tablet computer). Man purchased  Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS for me about a year after said fight.  Took some of the sting out of my absolute hatred for the Garmin (whose nickname cannot be printed or whispered in mixed company).


TennLady said...

Never thought of those as keeping the rain out.

Nita said...

I sure can relate to the GPS fight incident. We found ours to sometimes be a fight magnet! I guess they can be a blessing and a lifesaver at other times though. I can only imagine what you named yours! Like the rain guards on the truck!

Nolichucky Roots said...

The worst fights I ever saw my parents have was in a car, no GPS needed. And it's been the site of a couple doozies for us, as well. Just something about being locked in a moving vehicle with a man who has no idea where he's going but hasn't figured it out...