Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday and THE Trip, Moses Carver Family Cemetery, Diamond, Missouri

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Man and I visited the George Washington Carver National Monument late in the day, as we arrived at the Moses Carver Family Cemetery area the sun was low on the western horizon and cast a lovely golden color on the stones.  The following photo is from park signage, showing the burial spots and other data about the family and the cemetery.  As you can see, in the 1930's there were no large stones. Now there are large stones marking the burial spots of man of the family members.  So, the stone photos I will share with you today would appear to be replacements, they are lovely, and done in the style I see common for the time in which they lived and died.
Moses and Susan Carver raised George and his brother after their parents died.
George Washington Carver stated in his 5 page autobiography written about 1897, that his father died shortly after he was born.  His mother was reported to have been kidnapped, as was George and his sister when he was only a few months old.  George was rescued, his sister and mother were not.

Moses and Susan and other family members buried here do have memorials over at Find A Grave.



lindalee said...

Is that a tree of life at the top of the tombstones? Or ivy? Or.....?

Judith Richards Shubert said...

It is a lovely tombstone. I guess the image at the top depicts that of plant such as a peanut, or sweet potato. As an agricultural chemist, Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes.

Carol said...

Linda, Not sure, will have to see if a web page can be found.

Judith, could be, only these are for the couple that raised him for the first 10 years or so, after his mother was reportedly kidnapped. George is buried in Alabama.

An email (if could be found) to the National Park might bring up some answers to these questions.