Monday, November 29, 2010

Madness Monday - Where Did You Go, Francisco Alberto Zapata?

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Confession, I am having trouble figuring out Mexican records/research.  I am told once you figure it out, you can go way back.  OK, good, but, I have not cracked it yet.  I know he was born there, however, I do not know if my guy ever went back to Mexico.   He was reportedly born in November of 1910 in Mexico City, father Jose G. Zapata, mother, Juana C. De Zapata (confession # 2, I am not even sure I have the names correct).

Francisco Alberto Zapata, mid 1940's?

Here is a time line I can prove with documents.

Crossed the border, 11 Apr 1945 at Brownsville, Texas, headed to Norfolk Virginia, Lehigh Memorial Hospital, he was a Doctor.

Married my great aunt, Sarah Edith Halterman, 7 Mar 1946 in Norfolk Virginia.

Divorced from Sarah in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio 16 Jul 1948.

Married second Elizabeth H. Pallagi, 6 Apr 1949 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Then, poof!

Where did you go, Francisco??


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I think I can help a little bit with your research. He was my grandfather. If you are interested email me @

Heather Rojo said...

This post made me smile. Your wandering relative has a Spanish last name that translates into "shoe" in English!

Anonymous said...

Why maddnes monday??

Anonymous said...

He was my father. Died in 1989

Carol said...

Someone has asked why Madness Monday? Simple, it is a GeneaBlogger theme, used to give us ideas on which to write. There is nothing sinister about it, referring to ancestors we have researched that are giving us "fits" of madness because they are so hard to find.

jazp said...

Hi Carol I am Jeffrey Zapata Pallagi youngest son of 5 of Francisco Zapata & Elizabeth Pallagi. They came to Mexico City on 49 or 50 since my oldest brother was born the 23 December 1950. I have to check some migrant papers from my mother to be certain of the date they arrived to Mexico City. My email is I´ll be pleased to give you the info you want to get.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I am a son of Dr. Zapata and Elizabeth . Was born in Mexico City where my father and mother went to live after Cleveland... It is a special feeling to find out that my father left a deeper memory in life than i could ever know. Did you ever meet him? Why did you suddenly us something like FENCE to mention him? I live in Los Angeles, CA. I Would like very much to talk with you. Thanks. Leslie Z.