Friday, November 5, 2010

THE Trip, Organizing Tana's Basement Storage

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Living in a RV of any type requires constant review of your needs and what you haul around.  Everything you haul weighs something, and that total weight adds up FAST!!!  We are running at just about the max of Tana and Big Butt's capabilities.  One of the best ways to address this ongoing need to monitor our weight is to do a total makeover.  Last year I did a lot of rethinking and organizing inside and this year Man decided to tackle, or attack, Tana's basement.  Photos are of the project of the curb side, as Man had already finished the project for the street side storage area.

At the beginning, the old to be sorted,
and new storage boxes to be filled.

Man busy sorting, note trash can, always a good sign!

New containers getting filled, organization is a good thing-
if only we can remember where we put the stuff!  LOL

Measure time after time, no room for errors.
Photo a bit hard to understand, purpose was to show
how close the storage containers fit, to the far right is
a dark 9 inch wall you cannot see in this photo,
believe me, you cannot move those containers frontwards
or backwards, PERFECT fit!  LOL

All done, organized, and ready to roll.  Still enough room for beverages, water, and lots and LOTS of dog food.

Now, where did we put that - - - - ????


Nita said...

We have lots of those storage boxes also. I packed everything up in them and Al put them in the Monty. I'm still looking for things. I have a label maker and forgot to bring it. Slowly, I'm pulling things out of cupboards and re-aranging. The basement, well that is a different story, a miniature "Man Cave" and I don't go there!

lindalee said...

Now you're talking my problem.....organization equals me later not remembering the new place I stored it. I am SOOOO impressed with your organization of Tana. Nice Job.

Becky said...

I've just finished with my "reorganization" again - third time in the past year. Even with a minivan I forget where I've put things! You wouldn't think things could get "lost" in such a small space. So I finally got smart and made a list of what is where. Hopefully it will make it easier to find stuff and I won't have to go looking through all of the containers! The old memory ain't what it used to be...

Michelle Goodrum said...

Impressive, very impressive!