Sunday, November 28, 2010

THE Trip, Levi Hess, Medoc Missouri, Did You Live and Preach Here?

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While Man and I were camping near Joplin Missouri for a few days, we went out in search of Zachariah, my great great grandfather.  Zachariah Z. Trumbo died in Medoc, Jasper County, Missouri in 1871.  He was staying with his aunt Dorothy Trumbo Hess and her husband, Levi Hess when he died.

We went to the Georgia City Cemetery and visited and photographed Zachariah's headstone.  During the visit Man and I both re-read my notes on Zach and Levi Hess (yep, had the iPod and the BabyHP with us, data base on both, wahhhooo) .  We noted that Levi is reported by family to have been a farmer and a minister.  He lived in Medoc, Man and I found the "burg" on the map barely 2 miles from the cemetery.  We drove there and then snooped around, just a little.  There is no sign, there is apparently no official town/village/burg any more.  Very few homes, lots of open land, farm land and prairie.

While driving around we spotted this very old and run down church, of course, we had to stop and take photos and snoop around a bit.

Church now vacant, windows broken out,
Man looked in front door, says there is roof damage too.

Then on our route out, we spotted this old and abandoned home.

Could these been Levi's??  I doubt I will ever find out, and, seriously, it is doubtful eh?  Would the structures really have survived 130 years?  Probably not.  But, still it is fun to contemplate and snoop around!


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I love these two photos! This would be just what I would be photographing were I traveling! I have a few from some past trips somewhere...

Nolichucky Roots said...

Could well be that Levi preached the Good News there. Snoop that I am i Googled around and found a website (below) saying that in 1874 there was a schoolhouse in Medoc that was also used for church. Looks like a schoolhouse to me. Not so sure about the house, though ;)

Carol said...

Nolichucky Roots, thanks for that great link, you will note there is also a description for Georgia City, where the cemetery that gg grandfather Zach is buried. Love the extra info, adding it right now to my data base! :-)