Sunday, January 3, 2010

This 'n That, Reflections From the Fence Reflects

At the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, many of us reflect, how things are going, how we would like them to go, how can we get them to go where we want.  Some of us clean and organize during the quieter time between Christmas and New Years.  I find it is a really great time to up date my address book, all those cards that came in with new addresses and info just beg for attention.


There have been some great blog posts over the last few weeks of looking backward and forward in those bloggers lives. Some of them touched me, and wowsers, can some of these bloggers ever write.  Humbling to be sure.  Inspirational too.


I thought before the year gets really moving along here I would take this opportunity to reflect, or at least share a photo or two from our current temporary home here at Gulf Breeze RV Resort.

Took this about a month ago, there was a great reflection of the trees in the pond behind our campsite.  It was dusk and I was shooting one shot after another.  Then I saw this odd horizontal line cross the view finder (the large one not the little peak-in-finder).  Man and I looked and looked, he took shots, I took shots. We moved behind Tana thinking we were seeing that line from the sun that was so low on the horizon. Our idea was to block the direct sun so it could not hit the view finder.  We wondered, is the camera going belly up??  Nope, it was sorta one of those optical illusions.  When I loaded the photos onto the computer and looked at an enlarged version, here is what I saw, the line was really the edge of the pond, and the reflection of the edge.  (Now, I know you remember that click on the photo trick to see a larger version, then click the back button to return to Reflections From the Fence.)


I have been contemplating some changes to the format and look of the blog, but so far, nothing has pleased me.  I feel like I am sitting on a fence again, no surprise there!  What I have been wanting is to take this format and make the columns wider, and I found a web page that outlines the changes required to the HTML in great detail.  I even set up a test blog and tried to make the changes the other night.  You can guess by the way I am describing this, I was unsuccessful.  I also found someone that will do the changes for me for a fee, and I may get off my fence and just anty up.


When Man and I left the stick built home in November we had "planned" to stay in Gulf Shores for ohhhhh, a month or so and then point Big Butt's nose west and eventually cross the BIG state of Texas, New Mexico and head for Arizona.  Then Miss Carol (don't you just LOVE it when the office staff calls ya MISS XXX?  Gosh, I do!), well, Miss Carol broke that tooth and that delayed us to the point where we had to stay here for an extra month.  Now, Man has a sore ankle and there are some issues back at home, and I am back up on that fence, and Man is sitting there with me, and no, we don't know if we will stay here longer, head west or head north.  As they say -- stay tuned.


Last week one AM I was out with the yorks while they did their "business".  It was calm, it was early and I caught these beauties in the pond here at Gulf Breeze. 


Back on my 'Reflections From the Fence'  fence, I have contemplated separating out my RV posts into their own blog, leaving this one for mostly family history.  But, I like my combo Reflections, so for now, I'll keep mixing it all up.

It has been a year of many prayers, so many friends have been dealing with serious health issues.  My prayer list just keeps growing and growing.  Several dear friends fighting the Cancer Monster.  Others fighting the Diabetes Demon and having serious complications, experiencing long term hospitialization. Several facing surgery in the next few weeks.  My prayers continue.


We had just about 15 inches of rain here just in December alone.  Today we have a fire weather alert that reads: 

"Red Flag warning in effect this afternoon for S Alabama & NW Florida Panhandle due to long duration of relative humidity less than 25%."

SAY WHAT????  There is standing water everywhere.  I just don't get this at all.


Ok, there is a bunch of "This 'n That", not much of it has anything to do with the rest of it.  That is why it is "This 'n That".  Don't know bout you guys, my readers, but I think I will go have a glass of something "spirited".  Lets end this with another photo, a gray day at the beach, but somehow peaceful, even with the waves rolling in.

* Hope you will wander in tomorrow AM when cousins Anne, Karen and I reveal our new once a week blog theme, "Relatively Speaking - Cousins That Blog"



Greta Koehl said...

Ah, Carol, you expressed some things I have been thinking about so well. 1 - Want to alter blog format somewhat and set up a separate blog just to experiment. 2 - Non-genealogy stuff keeps sneaking into my blog, but I don't want to separate it. (I like reading about non-genealogy stuff here, too.) 3 - Health issues - mine and everybody else's. Whatever you decide to do - good luck.

TennLady said...

Miss XXX is such a southern thing. Gotta love it!

Ron and Thelma said...

Hey Carol. Get that weather warmed up down there. We are leaving on the 17th and probably going to the State Park. Will take about for or five days to get down there. If you are still there maybe we can get together. Stay warm