Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Guess Who

Wild One's share all kinds of information in our email.  I have been cleaning out old email, VERY old email, don't ask, I have no excuse that will stand up to your ????  It is what it is. LOL

That lousy excuse made, it is kinda fun reviewing the old stuff we have chatted about.  Diane, our non-blogging WO sent this along a while back (OK, I'll fess up, it was May of 2008).  I re-discovered it this AM.  I emailed her and got her permission to use the photos (thanks Chuck and Diane).

This is from Memphis Cemetery, Memphis, Macomb County, Michigan.

Remember, clicking on the photo will open it to a new page, where it is a bit larger, click the ole back button to return to Reflections From the Fence.

Now, here is a close up of the headstone on the left side of this photo:

No, we have no idea who Guess Who really is, but, he does have a memorial over at Find A Grave. 

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Leah said...

How interesting, I've never seen a stone deliberately leave off the name before. I'm half tempted to plug those dates into the SSDI and see who comes up...

TennLady said...

Someone was thumbing their nose at the genealogists!