Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Celebration

Man and I prefer low key celebations, and we enjoy eating out, so, many of our celebrations are low key meals out. 

Today, it was a late lunch, at Longhorn Steakhouse of Gulf Shores Alabama.

Longhorn comes under the umbrella of Darden Restaurants.  Some friends and family and loyal readers may know or remember that I research the Darden surname.   Darden Restaurants began with Red Lobster by Bill Darden, 1918 - 1994.  Some day I would like to learn more about Bill, in the meantime, there is a bit of history about him here.

Man and I had a wonderful meal today at Longhorns, I had a burger, I am a burger lover from way back, I will give this one a 9.5 out of 10, nahhh, make that a full 10! Man had a grilled vegetable chicken salad.  It was huge and yummy, he moaned, "mmmmm, yummy" about once a minute.  Our waitress Lisa was very knowledgeable about the food offerings and very pleasant.

When Lisa heard that it was our anniversary she and the kitchen staff gave us a nice surprise, on the house, is this nice or what?  First it was DELISH!!  Second, don't you just love the message written around the side of the plate, in strawberry sauce moreless?

Thank you to Longhorn Steakhouse, Lisa, Bryan and Ryan (nice handwriting there Ryan!).  You really did make our afternoon memorable.


lindalee said...

42, whew, you have me by 2. I became a fan of the burger this summer, now I can't get enough of them at restaurants. And Carol, anytime I can get a meal out....doesn't matter where....is time for celebration! Again, Happy Anniversary.

Joan said...

And I was just waiting and waiting to find out just which anniversary you were celebrating. All answers come to those who are patient --- well sometimes.