Sunday, January 31, 2010

Backing Up Data, Digital Cleaning and the Baby HP

I spent the day learning to RIP music CD's to my computer and then sneak em over to the iPod Touch.  I had some of my favorite CD's here in Tana, dug em out and decided today was the day to accomplish this. 

I needed to clean up my little discs for my camera, I have been taking so many photos that 2 of the 3 were full up.  I never delete the files on my discs until they have been loaded to my computer and then transferred to my external hard drive. 

I also wanted to do a back up of the data files on my computer.

Whew, that was a lot of file management stuff!

So, I :

1.)  Ripped about 12 CD's to the computer.  Transferred same to iPod Touch.

2.)  Did a data file back up to the external hard drive (see it there on the right of the computer?  Black small box.)

3.)  Cleaned up the camera discs.

4.)  Cleaned up Tana's desk space, see:

The computer is currently sitting ON the desk, it usually sits on that shelf where you see the chill pad and a bunch of cords.  However, a few weeks ago, some gremlins decided it would be great fun for the curser (via mouse or touchpad) to take a poof.  As, in, sorry Carol, this computer will not exhibit ANY curser, hahaha, you figure out how to turn it off!  

I unhooked everything, brought the computer out and Man had to take the battery out to stop stuff.  I wanted to rip those CD's (very hard to use the CD player when the computer is on the shelf.  So, the Baby HP (that is what I call this current computer) sat here on top of the desk all that time.  I am yearning for my nice big monitor, and the external keyboard, so, in the next day or so, I will hold my breath, pray a lot, and move the Baby HP back down on the shelf.  If you hear wails and moans and groans, you will know something is still quite wrong with the Baby.

Now, onward to -  something!  Maybe input! That would be good!  I feel almost organized, ALMOST!!

*Here in Tana I have just about given up hopes of hiding cords.  Just tain't gonna happen!

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