Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bloggers Best Friend Award from Ginisology

Well, mmmmmm, mmmmmm again, what a nice surprise for Carol, from Gini over at Ginisology.  I am a bit speechless, yea, can you believe it, Carol, speechless.  Thank you Gini, you said some very nice things in your award post.

The award rules go something like this:  I have to give this award to my most loyal blog readers. The award should be given to a follower of yours who takes the time to comment regularly on many of your posts. In addition, his or her blog should be creative, funny and always entertaining. Upon receiving this award, pass it along to two fellow bloggers who fit this criteria.

Cousins and friends and fellow bloggers Karen and Anne escaped the first time I was so honored. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!
Karen writes over at Genealogy Frame of Mind (have you seen her current series, "Stumble"?) and Anne actually has two blogs, Generational, where she shares her outlook on life in general and Gene Notes, her genealogy blog (her post today on the 1918 Flu Epidemic had facts I did not know).
Both gals are friends, good good friends, both are cousins of the  "nth" degree.  Both are true supporters of  Reflections From the Fence. 
Congratulations Cuz Karen and Cuz Anne. 

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Nancy said...

Hi Carol: I've been lurking, reading your blog for a while and thought I'd finally comment. We are also RVers (fulltimers) and genealogists. Your blog posts and links on genealogy-related topics are both helpful and entertaining. I am getting close to starting a genealogy blog. My travels blog is I need to update my posts there, but we've been in a genealogy fog for the past week or so. Thanks for the inspiration.
Nancy Hurley

Carol said...

Nancy, welcome lurker! LOL Thanks for reading, thanks for lurking, and you are more than welcome for any inspiration I might provide. Hope you will consider joining my other followers, love followers! I am surfing over to read your travel blog, right now!