Thursday, January 28, 2010

Splogger-Splatterer, Round Two

Here is another site that we believe is splogging ole Carol

Now, remember, if you click on it, and he/she is a bonafide splogger, you are helping him/her out by filling the ca$h pocket book, which is just what they want.

Because of the situation with Man's mother, I don't have a lot of energy to spend searching this down right now, so, I left a few comments over at Google search and I am posting here.  Actually, I think it would be too funny for words, if this would get picked up on the splogger's web site and people would see it there.  Well, that is probably asking too much!  LOL

I cannot print/publish what I think about these "users".  Creeps and thiefs are the nicest words I can come up with at the moment.  Please refer to my previous post I wanna be a splogger-splatterer for more information about splogging and this fine graphic, which I toss out at the creeps at

I might get to be a splogger-splatterer yet. What is that phrase about "a woman scorned"?

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lindalee said...

OMG I tried to see if anyone was splogging me but was unsuccessful. Go get 'em Carol.

Nita said...

Creeps, thieves, scum, and every other word I can't say on here!! Watch out sploggers, this lady is no one to mess with!!!!