Monday, January 25, 2010

I Ain't Owned By Noone, Don't Owe Ya Either.

In my email early this AM, email that starts out:

"First and foremost, please accept my compliments on your beautiful blog."

Why thank you. Blush Blush

Next is a list of web sites this person has an official affliation with. No I am not going to post them here, I am not out to slam them in that manner.

Next part of the email states: "I would like to know if you would be interested in writing a post about - - - - - - - " and a statement of what one may find on the free pages.

OK, free pages are always a good thing.

But, here is the clincher, this one sentence,

"If time is an issue for you, I could provide you with a text written by me, and if it finds your approval, feel free to post it."

EXCUSE ME???? You want to write MY blog post?? Can you read,


If you will take a gander at my right hand column, you will note there are a lot of widgets, photos, lists, and a few awards that I treasure.  Note, you will NOT find any widgets to take you to Ancestry or Footnote or any pay site.  WHY??

Simply, because then I am not beholden to any one or any corporation.  If you pay me, I have a certain responsibility back to you.  I take your $$, I feel that I need to support you in a positive way.  If I don't take your $$, and you mess up, I can say so, you mess up BIG time, I get to say so BIG time.  I have before.  And, I might again.

So, considering my stand on taking $$ or making $$ with my blog, do you really think I am gonna copy and paste something you write for me and post it here??  First of all, it would be so obvious.  I have my own writing style.

OK, as Man pointed out, this email does say "if it finds your approval".  Nice disclaimer.  Covers the bases.

BUT, asking me in the first place to take your words about your web site and pasting them into one of my posts - - -

I DON'T THINK SO!  Yep, that one sentence really sent me on a tirade.  You just read it.

* Yes, I have written blog posts about products, products I paid full price for. I did receive as compensation for those posts a nice thank you note from the vendor and permission to use their graphic which was obtained BEFORE the post was made. One was iPod Touch and GedView and the other was GedView MIA's and a work around, GoodReader

**  There are a lot of bloggers out there that use $$ making widgets, this is not meant to slam you, your blog/sandbox, your call, your widgets.  Please don't take this personally, this post is only meant to state my stand, my point of view, my way, my blog, my sandbox.

*** Red angry face graphic courtesy of

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.



lindalee said...

What can I say about all mouth is still resting on my chest! Between your splogger and this, you have had quite an unnerving month with this aspect of your blog. I hope these folks don't bother me cause I will follow your lead.

Linda McCauley said...

Carol, I agree completely! I got the same e-mail and since I'm new (blog less than 1 month old) I wondered if this was standard practice among vendors but I sure didn't like it.

TennLady said...

You tell 'em Wild One!

Myrna said...

He doesn't know you very well. Does he? You go girl... I love your honesty and you always give credit when credit is due.

Bill West said...

Good for you,Carol. I would love to get one of those sort of letters so I can tell them exactly the same thing you have said here!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Wow! I just dropped in to say that I'm sending you the Blogger's Best Friend award, and to say "Thanks" for being such a great blogging buddy!

I've not rec'd any of those letters, (should I be offended at being missed??) and hope that I don't! I write my own stuff, and quote it when it's a quote. I may add some links to sites that will pay me, and I won't mind letting them know if they have 'goofed up' even so.

Loved your post! Bless you!

hummer said...

Whoo Hoo you go girl. The advertiser groups are really pressing people. Maybe they are in financial need. Doesn't excuse their behavior, just explains some? maybe?
I am on your side.