Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paying My Respects, by Keakyfht

No, I have not been in hybernation, although the weather sure has been COLD!  Hey, it takes more than 17 degree wind chill to send Keakyfht into a deep sleep.  Man and Carol have not been doing a lot of sightseeing, they told me they have been busy with dentists, healing a sprained ankle, holidays, and family issues.  So, Keakyfht has been lonely and just NOT having any fun.

Today, however, Man and Carol drove over to Mobile to the USS Alabama and the USS Drum Submarine.   I was not allowed on the ships, however, Carol did take me over to the Lower Alabama Vietnam Veterans Memorial to allow me to pay my respects.  What a humbling experience. Thanks to all that have served.

Carol told me she saw several surnames she has researched on the many memorials and lists of sailors that served on these two ships.

Carol took 208 photos today, no, not all of them were keepers.  She will be posting a blog post soon on the tour of the USS Alabama and the USS Drum.

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