Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lets Bury Mabel Twice, Once Was Not Enough

Much of today I have been banging my head against the genie - brick walls and my fingers against the keyboard, challeging my IE to crash (it did, several times), begging the air card to deliver, cursing (oops, yea, well, I did curse a couple of times) at Ancestry for refusing to load full pages of newspaper images and just having a grand day of actually RESEARCHING!!  WOW!

So, lets take stock, I have 3 census reports here to input, I did copy the summary to the individuals text file, but there is more data to record.  I found the maiden name of a couple of my (mnu) chicks (yea, I know, some of you HATE MNU, but, it works for me and hey this is MY data base and MY research!  LOL).  I have several obituaries that I have found, and they are ALL typed in.  I have several more articles of color and interest to work on.

At first the search was dragging, painful, slow.   OUCHIE.  Then, I happened upon a cemetery database for Vicksburg Mississippi.  Wahhoo.  Now we are talking!  I found several of the clan I was searching for, maiden names were there. I even found a gal that I had just today decided probably was not buried there.  They say she is!  Yaaa, good stuff. 

Back to Ancestry, some more snooping.  Because of that census work I now had the given name of a daughter.  Before I had the names of her hubby and son, but, could not find her.  With the new found given name of Mabel, I searched, and was quite surprised to find her listed in a Jewish data base.  I have Catholics, I have Lutherans, I have Methodists, but, up to this evening I don't believe I have any Jewish heritage on my data base.  I welcome all, I find it fascinating.  I know I am gonna learn something from this lady!

There are not a lot of hits on Ancestry for Mabel Mayerhoff.  One of them is that Jewish database.  She is listed in a Jewish Cemetery in Vicksburg, with her husband and some other Mayerhoffs, his siblings, possibly his parents.  BUT, the Vicksburg website has her listed in the Cedar Hill Cemetery.

I guess I should be happy dancing all over Tana, the net held up, Ancestry delivered some of what I wanted, IE is currently allowing me to do this blog post and I now know Mabel Mayerhoff is buried somewhere in Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi.  So, why would I care WHICH cemetery??

AH, tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start.  Me, the computer I love, the web, Ancestry and two cemetery lists that have Mabel Mayerhoff.  Wahhoo, can't wait!

*Graphics found somewhere on the internet several years ago, source data long lost.

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