Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, Status Update

Due to that sore ankle Man had (now healed) and issues back in Michigan, Man and I have decided to hold here in Gulf Shores for at least another month.

Sadly this means we will miss the Quartzsite MOC Boondocking Rally.

We still hope to hook up Tana and have Big Butt haul us out to Arizona, however, in the meantime Gulf Shores is a nice area, we are quite happy with the shopping and the seafood (Man's favorite), the ocean is nearby, the beaches are fabulous to walk on and the campground is comfy. I have a 2 mile walk all laid out and try to walk it several times a week. The new iPod Touch and Nike app and a bit of music via the earbuds, make the walks quite enjoyable. So far, I have managed to do almost a 16 minute mile.

I am also working on the email backlog, a little surfing and research. I found a small local cemetery that has very few photos on Find A Grave, I am hoping to get back over there tomorrow AM and get photos of more of the headstones. I have some CD's I want to see if I can figure out how to "rip", so I can add them to the IPod touch. I have some cemetery work to do for Lenawee and I found some great stuff in newspapers online the last day or so that needs transcribing.

Man has been playing Euchre two nights a week. He won the first night, and has not placed since. It is not the winning, it is the playing, right?? So, now, Man has one more month to see if he can win first place again.

Stay tuned, we live day by day, and every day in Tana is a day twice blessed.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.


hummer said...

If you had to be slowed down for a while, you picked a nice spot. Hope you all didn't get too cold last week. Leave it to you to find a grave yard to work on. You are just an inspiration in industry.

lindalee said...

Hope the weather begins to cooperate for your second month in the deep south. Kudos for you....working on genealogy and FAG while on holiday....way to go Carol!

Carol said...

Thanks Frances and Linda. The weather has been more favorable this week, and tonight comes the torential rain! HAHA. I kid not, flood warnings back up. Still might have to purchase Tana some pontoons!

Got to the cemetery today, have processed about 40 photos this evening, even managed to fulfill the only photo request there was for the cemetery. Won't finish tonight, but there is a dent in it! Did find a number of new interments for which I am having to build memorials as well as post the photos. Tis a good thing.

Maybe I will build internet bonus points that I can spend over at Ancestry, newspaper images are extremely flakey the last 2 days, frustrating my attempts to do a bit of research.