Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let One Brick Wall Crack

You know the routine, after years and years of looking; hours, uncounted hours of research, some on spec, you tumble onto a document or series of documents that have all the answers.  I had a small wall tumble today, here is the doc, please be sure to click on it to see it in the enhanced version, then, click the back button to return here to Reflections From the Fence.

Here is a transcription:

"The Commonwealth of Virginia
To the Sheriff of the County of Isle of Wight - - Greeting:

We command you to summon Exum L. Eley, Shff of Isle of Wight & as such administrator of Graves Niblett decd; and Virginia C. Niblett, widow of said Graves Niblett decd, William E. Niblett, Walter G. Niblett, Solomon Niblett and Robert Niblett (the last four being infant heirs of said Graves Niblett, decd.)"
Full names are a blessing and a rarity when reseaching in the Isle of Wight County Virginia.  Lookie at all those FULL names.
Oooops, now I have another brick to tumble, I have FIVE children in my data base for this couple.  OK, the genie-happy dance will be postponed temporarily - - NAHHHHH - - I earned one.
Do you hear someone singing, "Dancing on the ceiling,", is that Carol we hear??

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Gini said...

Congratulations Carol, you dance all night if you want! Good luck to you on your continued search.

Bill West said...

Yaaaaaay, Carol! Good for you!

Gini said...

Hi Carol, I picked you for the Best Friend Blogger Award, please stop by my blog to grab it. You are an awesome blogger friend, I thank you for that.

lindalee said...

Congrats on your find Carol. Were you able to obtain your info from the net or local library on your trip?

Carol said...

Linda, this information is ONLINE, the Library of Virginia now has some Chancery cases scanned, not all counties available. Some of the other cases I am extremely interested in are not available YET.

Jennifer said...

That's the genie happy dance. We all do it when we get lucky. Congratulations and thank you for your kind words on my page.