Sunday, March 10, 2013

This 'N That, From Arizona and Nevada

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(You are hereby warned that at the bottom of this post, 
is a slightly risque photo.

Now, do NOT go scrolling down there, tch tch!

OK, but, come on back up here and look at the other photos after you have peaked.)

I take photos of stuff that interests me, sometimes it is just weird stuff that I cannot resist capturing.

Nope, did NOT spot a single tortoise this day:

If you ever wondered how they get those porta potties from here to there, here is one way, and it was going right through town:

Taken at a small town museum, and I just like it, so wanted to share, just cause:

This guy has decided it is just too much work to keep taking down all the hard ware that mounts his satellite dish, so, he leaves it there and just goes down the road.  Its that weird pipe thingy coming out of his roof.  Nope, have never seen that before.

Unusual RV found in a parking lot in a park in Nevada:

Viewed from the front:

Remember that cell phone tower in disguise, well here are a couple more.  This first one is really disguised.  Those big ole leaves work well hiding the mechanisms of the tower.  I wonder how those huge leaves affect the signal strength?

This one not so much, but, it is creative:

If you are embarrassed easily, 
it is time to look away.


So, I guess the babies can use either side, depending on which parent takes them.  Dad's looks, mmm, warmer, than moms??

I will NOT show you the inside of the men's room, but it was so unusual that Man came and got the camera so he could show me.  I mean, I never - -

And, that ends this issue of this 'n that from the road.  Ya just never know what I might find next, and neither do I!



Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

It appears to me that after mentioning the men's room was very unusual, well, piquing one's interest and not adding the photo.... Tch, Tch...

Karen said...

Great photos! Love those unusual sightings!

Carol said...

Thank you Karen.

Sherry - - sorry, tch tch it will have to be. I just cannot post it.