Wednesday, March 20, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Pahrump Nevada, Town of Signs

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Pahrump is an interesting town, one thing that struck me were the signs!  EVERYWHERE, signs.  Heavens, there is even a sign for signs.

It seems times have been rough, many of the signs are for property for sale or rent.

This is Nevada, gambling is legal:

Of course there are pawn shops too:

And, brothels are legal in Nye County.

Pahrump is also the home of an award winning winery:

A few of their award winning bottles, quite the display.

There are quite a few geocaches nearby, Man and I nabbed one near the winery:

On March 8th it rained and up in the mountains, it snowed, the next morning the clouds and fog were low, giving an "other-worldly" view of the snow laden mountains.  It was beautiful.

Our last night there was even a nice sunset.

Pahrump has a nice museum too, I'll tell you about that later.


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Lynne Carothers said...

Gee, I'd have to visit the Chicken Ranch Brothel ... all in the name of historic research, of course!

Seriously though, that picture of the "other-worldly" mountainscape is gorgeous.