Thursday, March 7, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Route 66, The Mother Road

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One of the draws/sites we were encouraged to experience while we were in the Bullhead City area was Oatman, and Route 66.  We were able to click both off the bucket list in one day trip. Leave Bullhead City, over to Oatman, south to Topock, west on I 40 to Needles and back north to Bullhead City.

There is the sign, we did it!

This well patched section of Route 66 was before Oatman (while we were still traveling easterly).

After our visit to Oatman, we jumped back on Route 66 and headed south.  I captured this memorial or monument of some kind with Sony Too and a lot of zoom.  We did not stop here, wish we had.  You know there is a story.

Route 66 stretches out before us, down hill, curves, valley floors, beautiful land forms.  Imagine if you can, driving this in 1950, in the summer, with no air conditioning in your vehicle.  A bit intimidating.

Jolly's GPS announced we were indeed on Historic Route 66.  How cool is that??

At Topock, this famous bridge, no longer for vehicle traffic.  This is Trails Arch Bridge which now carries natural gas pipelines across the river.  Google it, this is a marginal photo at best, it is quite beautiful. I took this from I 40 as we turned west for a few miles.

While in Oatman we splurged and indulged and are now proud owners of some Route 66 t-shirts and I am the proud owner of one blue and black Route 66 hat!

Route 66, a huge piece of American automotive history.  (This is at the southern entrance to Oatman.)

Slightly faded, but, never forgotten.


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