Wednesday, March 27, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Red Rock Canyon Nevada, Just Getting There, AHHH

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The official name of this area is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, it is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

One day during our week at Pahrump Nevada the winds were blowing.  The slide toppers were flapping, the noise was annoying.  So, we decided to take a day trip/ride back towards Las Vegas and take in Red Rock Canyon.  It was on the "hit", err, bucket list, and we decided we would rather be IN the wind than listening to it.  Have to say, for the most part, the wind was not an issue, even tho the sign indicated it could be.

The ride over gave me the opportunity to view some of the beautiful land forms from another angle, going east, vs the westerly view I had arriving at Pahrump. The land forms did not disappoint:

This one was very high up, that "divot" was interesting.  Divot?? More like a cave, eh??

Way off in the distance, yes, that is Las Vegas.  Glimering in the sun, wonder who won that day??  Or who lost??  Or is that a figment of our imagination??  It is rather misty, isn't it??

Back to nature's wonders, I could look at this all day long!

Entering the Red Rock Canyon National Preserve area:

Before we went on the 13 mile scenic drive we stopped at Bonney Springs, another ghost town.  Ghost towns are abundant out here, and so far, we have not tired of them.  We stopped for a few minutes, decided to split a burger (nomma nomma good), have a quick walk around and stretch our legs.  And, here is how I keep track of all of you while we are out and about.  (Geesh, Man, you could have tried to get me looking just a LITTLE bit more serious, don't you think??)

OK, the photographer in me is a sap for the touristy staged western theme:

Bonney Springs is where I captured the Turtle Tripod and the interesting signage for the, mmm, rest rooms:

After our short stop in Bonney Springs, there are those gorgeous mountains again.  I lost count of how many photos of these I actually took of these beautiful striped land forms, each mile we drove gave a different vantage point, the views always changing.

Next, I'll show you some of the canyon, lots of RED, I joked later, that my lungs were probably all red from the deep breathing of awe and delight!


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