Friday, March 8, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Signs, Stones and Spirit Drawings (Petroglyphs)

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Only a few miles out of Laughlin Nevada we heard you can find petroglyphs.  Really amazing petroglyphs.  Hundreds of amazing petroglyphs. I am always on the hunt for petroglyphs, they amaze me, fascinate me, talk to my spirit.  So, of course, we went out to discover - -

Head out 163, till you see.  Don't you love the name of this road??

Immediately when you leave 163 you are on a dirt road, a rough one.  That said, it was not that bad, believe me, we have been on much worse!  We kinda figure if you can drive faster than 10 MPH, it is not tooooo bad.

The road winds through the desert:

Jolly parked, we have donned our hats, grabbed the water bottles and the hiking sticks, and start down the trail:

This is a nice wide wash, we ended up hiking in there, so we did not have to go down huge inclines the closer we got to our goal.  Our goal, by the way, is where the hills come down and form a "V".  Mid photo.

Spied this collection of boulders, rocks, and was fascinated by one in particular:

Closer.  See where that structure near the top right looks as if a boulder fell OUT of it??

Stunning, up so high,

There were a lot of these little creatures scurrying around:

But, we did come to see petroglyphs, and there seems to be one off Man's left shoulder.  Lookie the size of THAT boulder!

And, some more:

It is said there are over 700 petroglyphs in this area, the area is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places.  To say it was awesome is an understatement.  I took about 50 photos of the petroglyphs, and a bit over 100 total for the day.  Many of the paintings were up very high, both Man and I wondered how they could draw and not fall.  Seriously!

I don't know, but, I sorta figure we have now seen the best of the best.  And, it was wonderful!


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Becky Wiseman said...

Very cool! I've been to several such sites but none on that scale. They always send shivers up my spine and I wonder, how did people live in those arid areas way back when. I miss out on a lot of cool stuff because I don't take Van Dora down very many dirt roads - especially long ones that are marked as rough. Glad you could do it though.