Monday, March 11, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Bullhead City Arizona to Pahrump Nevada

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Time to move a bit more west and a bit more north, so, we are off to Pahrump Nevada for a week.  We are working our way towards our 3 nights of reservations at Death Valley.  Today's drive would take us up and down a bit, just Man's cup of tea.

Along the way we saw this solar farm (Nevada Solar One) in the far distance, Sony Too fought hard to bring you photos, but, it was basically a fail.  This is only part of the facility.  I know, it is a crummy photo.  You can read more about it here.    (As a gentle reminder, I see it, I feel it is interesting in some way or manner, I shoot it, I research it, I find links, I provide them to you. I DO NOT take any political stands. It is up to you to judge the sites for correct information and balance with your political stands.  This blog is not meant to be, nor will it become a venue for arguments or discussions.  Fun, people, keep it fun!)

Below is a google earth/maps image of this facility.  Whew, larger than I thought!

There were several of these large metal sculptures as we were driving through Las Vegas, believe they were on I 15.

We stopped in Las Vegas at a truck stop to grab some lunch (from our cooler). We sat in the parking lot near the highway as the truck parking area looked full and hard to move around in.  I watched the jets flying in, one after another, and I mean, lots of jets.  Here is one coming in over the truck stop.  I figure those passengers were about 30 minutes or less from slot machine time!

Leaving Vegas behind we jump on 160 and head west, and up, and west, and up, and then west, and down, and west, and down.

Along the way, we see Red Rock Canyon National Preserve area. Those that know me will know how thrilled I was.  Arizona is a great place, but, the southern portions (that will read, WARM portions) tend to be a bit beige in the winter.  My soul feeds on color and light.  On gloomy days I am a bit cranky (and yes, sometimes that is VERY cranky).  Days on end of beige drain my soul, and when I find color I soak it up like a sponge.  I was soaking this up.  Later in the week we will return for a heavy dose of color!

We arrived in Pahrump and after a quick campsite switch (not campground switch, just one site within our campground) we nabbed a beautiful view, which I will enjoy the week we are in Pahrump.

This view is through Tana's desk window, MINE for an entire week!  Charleston Peak I believe, 11, 918 feet!  And, no, that ladder does not faze me one iota.

It will be a quiet week, it is still rather early (in our minds) to wander too far north. This turns out to be a nice place to while away a week.  The campground here is only about 1/3rd full (IF), no trains, one helicopter seems to buzz around each evening, no highway traffic.



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