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Friday, March 22, 2013

Reality Days, Gotta Have Em

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

We arrived in Bakersfield California on Tuesday.  Interesting campground, in the middle of an orange grove.  And, it is green here.  As in bushes, trees, grass.  And, some flowers too!

We are spring cleaning Tana, dumping a few pounds of desert dust.  And, I am working on tax prep.

We made a grocery run, after about 10 days, the pantry was pretty empty, took 2 grocery carts to refill.  Painful.  Been working on laundry too, but, with my beloved Splendide, that is just an ongoing project, and it provokes no panic.

We just realized that Easter is soon upon us, and we have no reservations.  Dang, hope we don't find ourselves in a WalMart parking lot for the weekend.  Guess we MUST work on that.

So, the trip posts will be coming along soon.  I'll probably work on Red Rock Canyon National Preserve in Nevada visit next. So pretty.  Only 250 photos to work through.  Alas, that is one reason I am behind.  Oh, and the fact that I self indulged a bit and did some family history work.  Added a few nice hunks of info last evening, ok, late last night (midnight is VERY late for this gal).  

So, we are taking some reality days, after Death Valley, Calico Ghost Town and Red Rock Canyon State Park in California (yep, similar name, different state, happy me, red red red).  I took over 2000 photos, yes, you read that correctly, 2000 in those 10 days of vacation mode delight.  I need the reality days!  

I have posted a few things over at Flora and Fauna, such as a  Yellow-Headed Jawfish and Greater Barracuda and Joshua Tree buds and blooms.  And, soon to come Seahorses and Shrimpfish.  Not my best work, by the way, but, something fun to share.

In the meantime, I gotta get back to Uncle Sam, he is rather unforgiving - - 

* Graphic courtesy of Pixabay and user Nemo.


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