Sunday, March 3, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Buckeye Arizona, Airshow, the Planes

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In the last 2 posts here at Reflections I shared with you the auto show at the air show.  Now, lets talk airplanes at the air show, starting with a car AND an airplane.  

Must have a bi-wing:

And a fold up wing:

The next 4 photos are all of a C-119 Flying Boxcar, it could carry a crew of 5 and 10 passengers, it is about 86.5 feet long and has a wingspan of a bit over 109 feet.  It carried cargo, patients, troops could be carried to parachute, it could drop the cargo out the back "clam-shell" doors.  This plane was used during the Korean Conflict and in South Vietnam by the United States Air Force.  (All data from the signage at the show.)

Man sitting in one of the "passenger" seats.

The cockpit:

Loading a jeep in the back:

And, yes indeedy, there was a air show, here are a couple of shots I caught with the help of Sony Too and mucho zoom.  These were bi-winged planes.

These planes were low winged.

Shooting the air show (and the car show) was a challenge, planes fly fast, people were around gawking just like I was.  As you can see there were no clouds and it was abundantly bright.  It was a fun challenge, I learned some tricks, discovered things I did and did not like.  I am ready to try another show.

This was our last activity in Buckeye Arizona before we head west again.  The weather is still a bit cool, but, we are going to start edging west and north, experiencing new places.  See ya soon, next up, Bullhead City Arizona and it's sister city, Laughlin, Nevada.



Lisa Taisey said...

Love this!!! God Bless America!!!!

Carol said...

Thank you Lisa!!