Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Views We Will Enjoy

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We have arrived in Gulf Shores Alabama. Plans are a bit up in the air at this point, but, we will be here for at least a month. We are not staying at the same place we did 2 years ago, this year we snagged a site at the Gulf Shores State Campground.

The panoramic view out Tana's door.  Note, no other RV's no roads, no railroad tracks, no burnt forests, just a bit of flora and probably some fauna.  Hoping the fauna is only birds, I could skip the alligator viewing, thank you.

And, here we sit:



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

State Parks are almost always my first choice! After you said you were going to Gulf Shores I checked out a few places just out of curiosity and saw some interesting looking parks in the area. Mike's niece lives in Fairhope which I think is around there somewhere. Not that we plan to go to Alabama but it might be a stopover on the way to Texas some day!

Carol said...

Fairhope is LOVELY! Really really lovely! They have the most beautiful flowers planted along their roads. A search of this blog may pop up some photos from when we were here 2 years ago. There are several commercial parks that are quite nice here in the area. Trouble with state parks in many cases is that they usually have limited stays and we want to sit somewhere like this for weeks and weeks. This is not your normal camping experience, we come, we sit, we vegetate! Gulf State Park is one of the few that we know of that allow long term stays, and I mean L*O*N*G term, some friends stay from November till April every year.

IrishEyesJG said...

Relax and Enjoy! Gulf Shores has a nice ring to it, and I hope the weather's great.


Kathy Reed said...

After your travel adventure through Birmingham, I'm glad you get a few weeks to relax in such a beautiful environment.