Monday, November 14, 2011

It MUST Be Monday, a Mini/Maxi Rant

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This is NOT intended to be a political rant, so, if you take it that way, I am sorry.  I refer to government in the generic, and to the Big Three, car companies, which some of you may feel animosity towards because of some government bail outs.  Since I don't intend this to be a political rant, any comments that contain political references will not be published.  Cause this is NOT about politics it is about service.


Man and I are preparing to escape to places south of the Mason Dixon line along the east coast, somewhere, for the winter months.  We have the blessings of doctors, dentists and vet.  We have ordered meds (another story that, sighhh) and purchased prescription dog food and I ordered my test strips.

Ordered my test strips on November 1st.  Today is, mmm, the 14th, and they have not arrived.  Now, I really should have called in the middle of last week on this, but, I had that icky cold thing, and honestly, I kept thinking, they will be in today's mail.  I mean, they only had to come from Ann Arbor, a 1 hour drive from our stick built here in SE Michigan.


So, since we hope to winterize the stick built and be gone by the forecast snow event on Thursday, I called the supplier this AM.


Yes, I sounded a bit snarly, and I even apologized to the agent, acknowledging that it was a Monday.  I feel for anyone that has to deal with snarly public on a Monday.

Eric (his real name) promised me he would contact their shipping company and determine the delay.  And, he promised to call me back by 1 PM.  He did both, well done Eric.

Result, Eric will be air shipping my test strips.  My dark sense of humor kicks in here, thinking, what kind of airplane is gonna air deliver my strips some 45 miles??  Maybe a Cessna??  Maybe an air drop via parachute??  And, what airport will the leave from and arrive at??  Leave DTW and arrive DTW??  (DTW = Detroit Metro Airport)  Anywhoooooo, Eric says my strip delivery should arrive tomorrow AM before 11 AM.  I just said, OK, cause I know that deliveries out here in the hinter land are NEVER before 11 AM.  SIGHHHHH

So, as a customer, I take my opportunity to tell Eric this is the second time this year that your shipper has been any thing BUT efficient.  I suggest they need to keep closer tabs on this shipping company, as this really just is NOT acceptable.  I said, if they cannot fulfill their contract, then Eric's company needs to consider finding someone who can fulfill the orders and contract.

Then, he drops the bomb on me, "They cannot be fired, they have a government contract."  That is rather amazing to me, I don't have insurance with any government agency, ours comes from one of the Big Three (you know what the auto makers used to be).

I so totally don't understand much of what happens in the world today, and, I sure do not understand how or why my company benefits are filled by a company that has a government contract.  I don't understand why that has anything at all to do with me or their service and current lack of service to me.

I am not sure I want to understand, I may blow a gasket and stress out.

Did you know that that kind of stress is not a good thing for diabetics??  Hmmmm, anyone want to explain that to the supply company?


Personally I don't give a (*^%# about their government contract, they are not fulfilling their service obligation to me, and, that is the bottom line for me, period.

Rants, both mini and maxi are now over - -

Time for lunch, Thanksgiving leftovers.  Ya, I know, but, we had our family Thanksgiving yesterday, yummy and great leftovers.  AHHH



Becky Wiseman said...

I'd say "Chill out. Consume an adult beverage (or two)!" but I know that wouldn't help. All I can do is sympathize with you... Hopefully the stuff will arrive tomorrow as promised and you'll be on your way south soon.

TennLady said...

They have a government contract with Medicare/Medicaid.