Tuesday, November 29, 2011

THE Trip, Salt Lake City to West Yellowstone Montana

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After a month and a day in Salt Lake City we have to move on, we either have to get off the lot we have occupied for this month by moving to another lot in the park or move on down the hard road.  It rained all night, HARD, it was still raining when I woke. Man slept in, I fussed with some stashing and packing until he got up. We debated back and forth several times, should we stay, should we leave, what to do? Finally the decision was made, hit the road, the decision was helped along with the fact that the pouring rain slowed down to a drizzle. So, we packed up, hooked up and off we went. It did rain a bit during the day's drive, hard a few times, large rain drops that "plopped" even at 55 MPH.

We headed out of Salt Lake via 80 and 15.   I-15 north is the road of the day, followed it all the way to Idaho Falls, Idaho where we stayed for one evening.  Miles driven, 223.

Below:  Welcome to Idaho, still spritzing a bit.

It is June 20th and there are spring flowers on the hill sides:

Not the red beauty we have inhaled for weeks and weeks in southern Utah, now we have GREEN, stunning shades of green (oh, and a bit of white clouds and snow on those mountains way off in the distance.)

The next morning we hook back up, the site we were in was too unlevel, and we had to unhook the night before.  We drove 110 miles from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone, route 20 out of Idaho Falls.

The lilacs below were in the campground in Idaho Falls, they had quite a few planted.  In full bloom, they were such a delight.

More roadside flowers.  There was no place to pull over to determine what these were, believe they may have been growing in or at least standing in water, appeared to be a bulb like flower, but, alas, I will never know for sure.  What I do know, is they were beautiful.

Hard to take, right??  Nope, breathtaking, but not hard to take!  I was enjoying.  Lots!  If you look closely, right about the middle of the photo below, there is a white bird, guessing it was an egret.

Montana, we have arrived!

We had managed to snag 3 nights at our campground, and before we registered Man converted those to a week!  WAHHOOOOOO.  We shoehorned Tana into the campsite, parking Big Butt in a really tiny campsite across the road with the blessing of the campground owner.  Snug as a few bugs and all that stuff.  It was cool in West Yellowstone, there was still snow in Big Butt's parking spot.  OK, not a lot of snow, but, there it was!  It was gone by the next afternoon.

And, here is a prized photo, our Tana, errr, Montana, parked in Montana.  Sorry, I get silly like that at times.

Since our drive had only been 110 miles and we had arrived fairly early in the day, and since we only had 7 nights to pack in as much sightseeing as we could at Yellowstone National Park, we took off for the park as soon as we settled in.  We had a good 6 hours before dark, and we were going to go check things out and get a feel for the area.

Off to the park we went - - - 



Cynthia Shenette said...

Amazing photos. You have such an ability to capture the essence of a place. The photo with all the white flowers almost looks like snow on the ground until you look in the foreground.

Southwest Arkie said...

You are in my favorite part of the world- I hope you got to see Mesa Falls!