Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuff, Lots of Stuff, Scorching, Prayers, Projects and Some Silliness

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It has been some week around the stick built. Man and I keep fussing with stuff, some projects go well, and others, not so well.  He got new lights for Tana, was changing them, removed one that had been on and was heated up, hmmm, he learned that hot light bulbs can and will melt one's fuzzy warm cuddly sweat jacket.  Not sure I can fix, the study continues.

We have had many notes and emails these last few weeks from dear ones, family and friends, who are fighting health issues, and mostly cancer issues.  Honestly, there are so many, I won't list them all, but here are a few.

Friend, diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

One of my cousins, also in treatment for breast cancer, her husband had surgery, removing large sections of his stomach, cancer.

One of Man's cousins, her husband, recovering quite well from cancer surgery that took large sections of a number of the vital organs.  They have no insurance, really cannot afford to pay for any chemo or radiation, but, he is fishing right now and they are in their own home after this experience, are very thankful for what they have.

I am attempting to adjust to new meds and of course, my adjustment is a bit rough.  But, compared to all of my friends with really serious health issues, I am doing OK.  Doctor very willing to work with me, hope he feels the same way when I call the office today to tell them that the last prescription was not filled correctly, they shorted me one pill a day on one of the scrips.

I continue to attack projects, but, very little research going on.  I have all my Lenawee projects, Bible records to post, Memorial Cards to post and cemetery projects to compile and format into books.  No new books this year, I really need to get back on track with that.  There is also a new book project that is another formatting nightmare, I am taking that one with me for the winter.

I have files in OneNote to deal with, I am determined to deal with ALL of them, attack a few each day, one file at a time, bite by bite, err, file by file.  The hardest part of this project is deciding how to handle some of the images I have collected that reside in OneNote.  I am not the best at "tossing" images, almost as bad as I am about "tossing" hard copies.  It is a work in progress.  Some of those images and their stories will come here to Reflections as future posts.

Also continuing with the word file backups of every post here on Reflections.  I read the posts as I go, kinda a walk down "post memory lane".  I have been adding parts of this project to the cloud, and have been processing some of the files as PDF files and attaching them to the parties of interest in my data base.  I just this weekend did one on my 3rd great grandfather, Benjamin, the reported father of 52 children.  Have to confess, I laughed again, hard, and after all the laughter subsided, I attached that story to Benjamin's multimedia file.   My posts here at Reflections are different in nature and flavor than information and the way I present it in my data base.  Attaching copies of the post to the person I write about I believe enhances my data base.  Upside of blogging for me.

Finished up the southern Utah part of THE Trip posts recently.  I already miss the red.  But, for those following THE Trip posts, Yellowstone will be coming to Reflections soon.  It was not red, but, it was incredible!  There was this one photo of the back side of a black bear, well, we will get to it.

On the way back to Salt Lake City from our day trip to Antelope Island State Park, we spied this camper on the I-way. Right off we all noticed that unusual air conditioning unit protruding out of the back of the unit.

Man managed to catch up to this rig, so Sony could get a closer photo of that interesting air conditioner.

And, no, we have NO idea what that other "box" was for.  But, hey, this guy has a Frigidaire.  Do they even make those any more??

Now, let's start a new week, let's see if it can be as interesting as last week was!

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Joan said...

Carol, loved this post. It had everything:

heart-string pulling love for suffering loved ones:
quizzical and unusal, the camper;
funny or amazing, the studdly grandpa;
new knowledge, one can discard images (still not sure about this one);
and a promise, Yellowstone vicariously.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Sure can relate to all you posted. Lots of friends lately have had seriously sick family.

Also can relate to the reluctance of tossing pictures. Have many on hubby's side that are unlabeled and no one alive now that can identify. I continue to study and magnify and compare to ones that have labels. Some of the photos are so classic and cool from late 1800s to early 1900s...just can't toss them but I'm the ONLY one interested in them, sigh!

And I LOVE the camper with the a/c protrusion. I think it's neat when someone makes do, like my friend who keeps an a/c unit in her TENT. Improvise! LOL! Enjoyed the post as always!

IrishEyesJG said...

Great Post as always Carol!

I'll keep you and your friends in my thoughts and in my heart, and a smile on my lips over that a/c. :):)

Absolutely cannot bring myself to throw out old photos, even the ones of unknown people who are forever glued into those awful sticky albums from the 70s. Yuck. I even get heart palpitations when I hit delete on the digital SLR. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Cheers to you and yours,