Monday, November 28, 2011

THE Trip, A Treat, The Morman Tabernacle Choir Performs

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As many visitors to Salt Lake City are aware there are daily organ recitals in the Tabernacle.  One day Man met Becky (Kinexxions) and I and we attended one of the recitals. It was, of course, fascinating, and beautiful.

I zoomed with the Sony and got this photo of the organ, truly a beautiful piece of art and sound:

The last day I researched at the Family History Center, June 16, 2011, the choir had a special performance, a dress rehearsal for their Summer Tour of 2011, which covered eight days with performances in Norfolk, Virginia; Washington D.C.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chautauqua, New York; and Toronto, Canada.  An interesting little tidbit I found while researching this post was that it took 3 chartered planes, 11 buses, 4 semi trucks full of luggage, and 4 semi trucks that carry equipment, risers, the organ and wardrobe to accommodate the choir, orchestra and all the support staff.

Man and I decided we would try to attend the dress rehearsal, which was free.  F*R*E*E.  Love that word.  We had heard that one ticket for the Summer Tour started at $80.00.  No matter what those tickets cost we were going to get to hear the choir for F*R*E*E, if we could get in line and procure seats.

I had Sony with me and took a few photos, but, honestly, I am not sure I was supposed to, so, I think I will enjoy those photos in the privacy of my own home.  Sorry.

Man and I got into line after a nice dinner and even though there were a few sprinkles, we did not get wet, we visited with some nice folks in line with us and we got into the Tabernacle for the concert.

It was totally F*A*B!!!!

It was a wonderful end to my month of research in Salt Lake City at the research mecca, the Family History Center.

*The disclaimers:  All references to the choir, the Tabernacle, the Family History Center, and any other references I might have mentioned here, are protected by the rights of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was simply a visitor who enjoyed the choir, the buildings, the library, the research.  Thank you.


Barbara Poole said...

I believe anything played at the Tabernacle is great, and I'm glad you enjoyed your evening there. Love their (free) Thursday evening rehearsals for Sunday's service too.

Michelle Goodrum said...

What a fabulous treat!! That is one group I wouldn't mind hearing perform myself.