Monday, November 21, 2011

What Else We Saw Over the Last Few Days

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Those that have traveled I 65 around the Alabama state line, might remember seeing this iconic American symbol.

Last time Man and I traveled south through Montgomery Alabama we were running in heavy fog, nervously running, I might add.  This year I just managed to snap this one photo.

1000 miles, 4 nights on the road, all rather uneventful, except for a motorhome that nearly took off the entire driver's side of Big Butt and Tana, and the horrible roads in Birmingham Alabama.  We had to slow down to 38 MPH and put the blinkers on and we were still getting a really snarly "beat your body to pieces" ride in Big Butt.  The air pin and Equaflex on Tana did an exceptional job and there was little tossed around inside.

Then there was that full sized futon in our lane of travel on the south side of Birmingham.  Hitting it would have been ugly, really ugly.  Thanks to a driver of a auto that stood on his brakes and managed to change lanes allowing Man to do likewise, Man was able to maneuver Big Butt and Tana around that futon with a few inches to spare.  We won't be forgetting that experience any time soon.

But, all is well that ends well and no damage done and now we enjoy Gulf Shores Alabama for a few weeks.


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