Saturday, November 5, 2011

THE Trip, Salt Lake City Utah, A Few Photos

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Man and I stayed in Salt Lake City for just over one month.  Most of those days I was researching at the Family History Center.  I took Sony with me to the library every day and at lunch time, Becky of Kinexxions, and I would almost always end up taking at least a few photos.  The flowers of Temple Square as well as the buildings and the statues and art were a draw for both us us.  We not only shared a love of family history and research, Becky and I also have a love of flowers and photography.  We never disagreed about taking photos, and never hurried the other one to finish taking ALL those photos, neither cringed at the words, "just one more".

Here are a few photos taking during my time in Salt Lake City.  No rhyme or reason, just photos I liked.

As you can tell some were taken up close and others required all the zoom Sony and I could muster up.

Below:  Pioneer Log home built 1847.

Below, the Salt Lake City airport, and behind that, off to the left, Salt Lake.

Below, I found this web site discussing this Meridian Base, and this one with cool maps, and of course, Wikipedia has information, noting that they say the information is incomplete.

* All photos taken mid-May to mid-June 2011.

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Barbara Poole said...

Wish I was there. Sure is pretty in the spring. The last four times I went, it was always in October. Very nice photos, thanks.