Thursday, November 3, 2011

THE Trip, The Last Drive, Bryce Utah

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

By the time we left Kodachrome Basin State Park it was getting late, about 4:30 local time.  We still had to drive back to Cannonville and then back to Bryce to our campsite.  We were still well over 30 miles from home, several hours.  We stopped for dinner on the way back, the time stamps from my photos show that from the first photo of the day till the photo taken as we stopped for dinner we had been out and about for almost 6.5 hours.

Today's photos were taken on our ride from Kodachrome back to Cannonville.  Today, no words, just photos, enjoy the views, take as long as you want to enjoy.

I think one simple word says it all about Bryce and the parks we have seen here during our 10 day stay.  I think it is more than enough.  That word is:

WOW !!



Barbara Poole said...

Wow yes. And, I love the one with the house...did you check it out (like walk around it and peak into the windows)?

Linda McCauley said...

I don't know how anyone manages to actually keep their eyes on the road to drive with all of the spectacular views.