Saturday, May 21, 2011

This N That From Salt Lake, The Home Base Stuff

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Well, it has been interesting, and it has a only been a few days since we arrived in Salt Lake.

We had issues with dogs and dog pens and campground owners. Now, don't get me wrong, it is a very nice campground, but they have some bizarre rules here, covering all kinds of issues.

They ask for a credit check and a background check if you want to stay for a month. Well, that is a new one. We believed we passed, as they have not told us otherwise, guess we are still upstanding citizens with passing credit scores.

They ask you how how many dogs you have and how much they weigh. There are two parts of the park, and it appears that different rules apply to each side. Maybe????? We are in a state of "befuddled".  We are on the west side of the campground, where it seems dog size rules do not apply. So we are confused as to why we got the second degree. There does not seem to be a limit on how many dogs you can have either, as some families have way more than 3. Again, why the second degree questions if the next rig that drives in the gate, no matter how many pooches they have, they let them in?

They ask you how old your unit is. They obviously let in rigs older than what the rules state. They say they will waive those rules, and, yep, they do, some units are falling apart, so why bother asking the questions?? We are even more confused.

Another rule that really irritates is the "no dog pen rule". I use a pen to protect my dogs from other dogs that are not on a leash or not controlled. Pens not allowed here, because, “they become unsightly”. Please refer to paragraph above (LOL).

Last night Man and Becky had Mr. G out on a leash because we cannot put out our dog pen. And it happened again, some young man (maybe all of 10 to 12 years of age) was walking a dog he could not control, and the dog attacked Mr. G.  Yepper, it happened again!  Mr. G was not hurt, but he sure squealed loud and long, and shook for hours after the encounter of an ugly kind. Man jumped into the fray, ripped his jeans, but did not get nipped. Every one was upset.

After some renegotiations, we have now been granted a waiver to put up our dog pen for the duration. The entire episode is silly and sad. Confusing, silly and sad.


Even though there is still a LOT of snow in the mountains around here, it is almost Memorial Day, the campground is filling up. Families with kids, riding toys left in the streets, little shrieks from little bodies and voices are filling up the campground.


This n that, life goes on, hiccup here and there.  Tomorrow is a new day, it is what it is.

Onward - -

* Graphic of puppy thanks to

** The campground assistant manager came down to look at our dog pen, at the request of Man.  When she arrived, she took one look, asked something like, "that's it??" and immediately granted the waiver.  All this drama for what??  Color us confused.

*** And, now, ole Carol is gonna go finish that second glass of wine, NOT WHINE, wine, a nice blush.  Yum!


Sheri said...

A glass of wine ALWAYS makes the crap o' the day dissolve into nothingness.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Sheez! Ditto what Sheri said.