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Birthday Obsevances, Sarah aka Nellie Glenn Lashbrook Welch

Yep, that is about the extent of my images of Sarah, aka, Nellie.  (On edit at 4:14 PM Friday:  A generic silhouette, this is NOT Nellie, oh, but I wish it was really her.  Sorry to my readers if you thought it was, I realized after I posted and left for errands that this did not read the way I meant it to read.  Oooops!)

Other than her death certificate and her marriage record, I have no images for Nellie.  Nellie married our man of mystery, the dude that captured my imagination early on in my research and has managed to keep surprising me, some 20 years later.

So, what do I know about Nellie?  She was born to Thomas Glenn and Sarah Morgan June 18, 1873 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

Nellie married Archibald N. Lashbrook (who later will be known as Arthur Norman Stevens, Sr.) on March 22, 1901 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  Together they had one child, Letty Lorraine Lashbrook.

They lived together as man and wife for, oooooo, about 14 years.  Then Archie went missing.

Our next records of Nellie are city directories from Minneapolis, Minnesota where we find:

For 1919 Nellie Lashbrook, clerk at The Leader, boards 513 S. 6th, with her daughter Letty.

For 1920 Nellie Lashbrook, widow Archibald, boards 2955 Newton Ave. N.  (Interesting to note she is NOT found on the 1920 census at this address.  Her daughter is also listed on the 1920 directory as living at this address.)

By 1930 Nellie has remarried, her new man is William E. Welch, they are living in Minneapolis with his two sons, George S. and Kenneth.  They live at 2955 Newton, William owns the home, and has lived there at least since 1920.

At some time Nellie moves to California, where on 4 Sep 1945 she dies in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.  Nellie was laid to rest at the Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California.  Her death certificate states she is a widow.  Her "usual" residence is 2104 Portland Street, the informant on her death certificate is her daughter, Miss Letty Lashbrooke, whose home address is the same.

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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I love the silhouette! I just found two of my brother and two of my cousin in my mother's album. There are two of each of them. The black cut-out and the piece the cut-out came from and all four of them are mounted. Done by some French guy...can't really read the name very well, but I can tell it's a French name! Done around 1950 by my calculations. I'm sure I'll blog on them eventually!