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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Rogue River and Agness Oregon, Population: Small

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June 2, 2013, yes, over a year ago.  Still trying to catch up.  Preserve the memories.  We are NOT in Oregon today.

We were advised we just had to drive to Agness. So, we did!

The interesting part of the drive to Agness from the Gold Beach area is that you must drive on from the south side of the Rogue River.  You have to drive past Agness (which is on the other side of the river) to find a bridge to cross and then drive south(ish) to town.

Along the way we saw several campers enjoying the Rogue River.  Here is one:

We saw some nice bridges, this is not the one we needed to cross to Agness however.

Our kind of road sign, slow and lots of curves:

Takes your breath away, doesn't it??  Looking in the southerly direction.

This photo is taken from the bridge we used to cross the Rogue River, looking up river, or northerly.

A small rock/dirt slide, we were careful what with the blind curve in front of us.  That said, there was not a lot of vehicular travel on this road.

We have arrived!!

The rest area in town.  Ya, really.  And, yes, it is functional.  You know how I know.  

A local resident posed for photos:

We purchased a drink from the local grocery store, we sat under the trees and visited with some of the human residents of Agness.  They told tall stories, some true I am sure, some a stretch I am sure.  After a nice visit, we drove the same route home, more pretty views of the Rogue River:

Another camper enjoying the River:

Zoom, ohhhh, another outhouse:

Foxglove was blooming profusely.  Growing wild along the roads.  I am enchanted.

Speed boats are popular, yes, there is one down there:

Protection against rock slides.  That appears to be a chain link type of mesh.

You can buy this parcel of land.  I have no idea if the teepees comes with the purchase.

We were so thankful that Agness had been suggested as a day trip.  The drive was delightful and Agness was as well.


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