Sunday, December 14, 2014

Benson Arizona Wall Murals, December 2014 :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Had a request from RVing friend Mina to see how Sony Too would do with capturing some of the wall art/murals in Benson Arizona when we were there last week.  So, I took Sony Too for a quick tour of town, and captured a few.

(If your heads are spinning because it looks like we are in California and then Oregon and now Arizona, well, ya, we were, and ya, I am mixing up the trips.  Because I can.  No other reason.  Just because I can.)

So, here ya go Mina.

This first batch of murals were found near and around the Benson Historical Auto Court Oasis Court and Pioneer Title Agency buildings.  Appear to be the same artist, paint fresh.

Even some quail!

This one is a bit out of focus, as Jolly was rolling:

Likewise a bit out of focus, not a lot of painting here, as they incorporated the architecture of the building. Rather clever, isn't it?

From the HorseShoe Cafe, one of Mina and HoboBob's favorite places to dine in Benson.  Have to say, the breakfast we had there was pretty yummy.

This is part of a very long mural in a parking lot:

Last one:


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