Wednesday, December 17, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Otter Point State Recreation Site, near Gold Beach, Oregon

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June 3, 2013, near Gold Beach Oregon, a day trip up the coast.  Note the date, well over a year ago.  We are NOT in Oregon today.

Another day trip of beaches, rock, water, stunning scenery, and W*I*N*D.  It was a beautiful day to be a tourist.

Our first stop was at the Otter Point State Recreation site, the drive from the main road was pretty:

The Otter Point State Recreastion site contains 121.5 acres and has a annual day use of about  25,500 visitors. I have to say, 25,500 visitors just does not sound like a lot for such a lovely spot.  

The Azaelas were blooming:

The view from the parking lot was breathtaking, looking north:

Did I say it was windy??  The wind sculpts the shrubs. Amazing, just amazing.

Man and I found a path and walked, and found:

I found this hole fascinating:

Had to get closer, of course:

It is mandatory to look at the flora closely, don't you agree?

The striking difference in the colors of the stone and ground took my breath away.  If you look close you may find an arch down there.

From the other side:

Looking north up the coast.  The drop off here was sudden and long. The edges, frankly, did not look stable. Man eventually laid down on his belly and looked over and I was not happy about his doing so.  I stayed back several feet.

The path back to Jolly:

We would work our way north along 101 today, to Port Orford, more coming soon to Reflections.  Come on back, ya hear - -


irisheyes jennifer said...

Beautiful photographs. I love the layers of colour going from the sea to the sky; it's like a parfait in blue.

Carol said...

Thanks Jennifer. I like your description of a parfait. Yummy!