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THE Trip, THE Encore':: Brookings Day Trip, Panoramic Delights

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On June 1, 2013, Man and I drove back south on the 101 from Gold Beach to Brookings.  We do  these backtracking day trips because when we are towing Tana it is just too difficult to pull off and gawk, so we park and then go back and gawk!  We wanted to be able to absorb the coast, slow, like a fine wine.  Do note, this was a year and a half ago.  We are NOT in Oregon today.

As I was reviewing the almost 200 photos I took, I realized that I felt this strip of 101 and the pulloffs were so beautiful that I needed to use the panoramic capability of Sony Too over and over again.  In this post I have used 4 of those panoramas.  There are some I did not share.

Here is the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge as we leave the campground.

We drove up to Cape Sebastian Viewpoint, a bit of sea mist:

OK, let's try that from down on the 101 and looking north and up at Cape Sebastian Viewpoint (at the far right of the photo):

Meyers Creek Beach:

Now, I will admit, I would not be thrilled with all the construction materials laying around, but, I just might have campsite envy.  Pretty sure it is a construction trailer, but, what a campsite this would make!

Near Arch Rock:

OOOO, wild iris, whatever, tis purple!

Arch Rock:

Looking down the beach, looking south, panoramic style:

Natural Bridges Cove, as a note, the "hiking" path along here was narrow, dirt, and a bit concerning, it felt slightly dangerous.  We did not hike much further than this, saw the bridges and left.

Looking south:

Indian Sands Viewpoint, from above, looking north:

From sea level, just looking:

House Rock Viewpoint:

A bit different angle, same place:

Lone Ranch Beach:

In Brookings we stopped at the pier area, looked at lots of boats, had some great food, wandered around.  Back in Jolly we drove by and I coerced Man into pulling into a parking lot so I could get a photo of this lighthouse, the Pelican Bay Lighthouse, a private and functional/operating lighthouse.

It has been a LONG day, we head back to camp, but, of course, we have to make just a few more stops.  I'll fess up, I am not quite sure where this was, the boat was moored outside a small condo or RV park or something we wandered into.  Snug Bay, what a fitting name.


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