Friday, December 19, 2014

Tana Gets a Christmas Present

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Tana got her Christmas present today, new stairs. Her original stairs had two broken welds, a broken rivet and everything was just weak and loose. Man had replaced one rivet with a bolt and attempted to repair the welds. The weld repairs were failing.  As it is a safety issue, Man decided to replace the stairs.

The research/hunt for new stairs was not as simple as you might guess. The RV dealer here in Tucson wanted a fortune for purchase and another small fortune for installation and they could not promise a set of stairs with a 7 inch rise. I must have a 7 inch rise. I use those stairs several times a night, half awake with a yorkie in my arms.   I (and my elderly knees) don't do 8 inch or heaven forbid 9 inch rises on stairs. However, Man surfed the net and measured and found replacement stairs with a 7 inch rise. Price very reasonable, shipping free (they weigh 57 pounds) and delivered to the campground office 5 days later. WIN!

Since the order was placed Man has been working on freeing up the bolts (painted and rusted on) on the old stairs.

Yesterday the new stairs arrived here in Tucson. Here they are:

The old steps, ready to be dismounted.  The bottom step is folded up, yes, there are three steps.

We had a helper lined up, and today after lunch, Jim Painter and Man set to work.  It did not take them long, maybe an hour and a half.  Ta da!  New steps!

The installers, Man and Jim.  Don't they look smug??

Well done fellas.  Thank you so much.

P. S. And now we have lights for those late night potty breaks for Cappy. 



Jan Mains said...

What would we do if we couldn't shop on the internet? They look very nice.

Carol said...

Isn't that the truth Jan?? This shopping on the internet saved us several hundred $$. And, the steps are made by Lippert, in the USA.