Thursday, December 4, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Clam Beach, near Trinidad, California

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NOTE:  This day of adventure and exploring was done on MAY 26, 2013.  Well over a year ago.  We are NOT in California today.

While in Trinidad California area, we heard that there were several beaches and parks that must be visited.  So, off we went with friends Mina and HoboBob.

The guys walk into the sea mist:

Art with nature:

They continue their walk:

Footprints in the sand, not our guys, they had on their shoes!

Views to ahhhh over:

Local resident:

The tree of life, from the ocean:

Hard to beat Mother Nature, when she tucks in her flowers with sand and some drift wood:

We had several more beaches to visit, before this lovely day was over.


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