Sunday, December 7, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore':: Crescent City California, Battery Point Lighthouse in the Sea Mist, Err Fog

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This post's photos were taken on May 29, 2013, well over a year ago.  We are NOT in California today.

It was a sea misty type of day.  Many of my friends prefer to call it fog.  Sea mist tends to roll in and around.  Fog settles in.  This may have been fog.

We were slow getting out and about, had lunch with friends Mina and Hobo Bob and then, we drove around town, discovering, sightseeing. We drove out to the point.  The light house was pretty, even in the sea mist, or fog.

We closed in on the lighthouse, still misted, err, fogged in.  From this vantage point it sure looks like the road is under water.  (It is - - )

Down by the road, a look at the water, the waves, the wind, the fog:

Yep, no access to the light house at this time of day:

Driftwood and flowers, perfection:

This squirrel was not shy, little poser isn't it?  Actually there were two, sharing a romp and maybe a meal.

The sun would return on the next day, and so would we return.  The tide was out, and we were in, or on the point, having a tour of the lighthouse.


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