Tuesday, December 9, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Redwoods, Bike Off Road, Jolly Turn Arounds

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This day's post is from May 30, 2013, well over one year ago.  Today we are NOT in California.  Just sayin - - 

After spending delightful hours at the Battery Point Lighthouse, we headed for the hills and the trees.  We were interested in seeing Jedediah Smith Redwood area.  First we drove around the Redwood National and State Park area.

Of course, we had to search out campgrounds.  Nice campsite, eh??  Look at those ferns.  Every time I see the size of the ferns and the moss hanging from the trees, I always think Jurassic Park.

Camping near this very large stump would be memorable.

Here is Man standing beside a Redwood and again, note the size of the ferns, 3 to 4 feet and larger.

We next headed over to the entry to the Jedediah Smith Redwood park.  Along the way, we were stopped on the road by a bit of trouble.

Oh, dear.  What a mess of that bike.  There were two riders, the bike went over 50 feet down a steep incline.  Surprisingly, neither was seriously injured.  Their trip was over for a while tho.

Bike was not drive-able.  Windshield, tail light and front tire/suspension damaged, just to start.

After the accident was cleared, we continued into Jedediah Smith.  Here is the California official web site.  And, here is a very informative web site I found.  Yes, the roads are narrow.  Yes, Jolly is wide.

Trees, no room for roads.

Man pulled over for me to take a photo or two.  I opened the door, but, still captured Jolly's antenna and side view mirror.

And, this is when and where Man said, NO more.  He was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.  The road was so narrow and Jolly so wide, he was worried about meeting another vehicle.  He decided this was not a road for Jolly.  Considering that we had driven Hetch Hetchy at Yosemite, well, that tells you how much worse this was.  Sometimes you just need a rental vehicle and leave Jolly parked.

Turning around took several swipes frontwards and backwards.

Yes, I was out directing, watching carefully.

Leaving the park.  The giants were gorgeous, but, a trip in to Jedediah Smith will have to wait for another trip.


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