Monday, February 24, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Axel Lindgren Memorial Trail, Trinidad California, Truly Memorial

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May 22, 2013  This trip MAY extend for well two years at this rate.  LOL  Life keeps gettin in the way, how wonderful!

NOTE:  This post is graphics heavy!

Anywhoooo, Near the lighthouse at Trinidad we found this sign, and the path and decided to go have a lookie see.  I found this article about the trail.  And, you can read more about beaches around Trinidad here.  This second link discusses this trail (top of the page).

Starting down.  Man is walking to the side because one of the wooden steps is gone and that makes for ONE LONG step.  Yours truly went down the same way, via the round about. Yes, it was as steep as it looked.  See that bench wayyyyyy down there.  We used every one, all the way up and a few on the way down!

When I had the opportunity to shoot over or around the shrubs and trees, I did.

Can it be steeper??  Maybe??  And, why is it that going down is soooooo easy, and going back up, well, NOT so easy!

As we go closer to the beach, (down) the views look the same, but, different due to the vantage points provided by altitude.

A steep left turn - - but still DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Further down yet - -

This is a banana slug.  Only one I saw.  They can grow to almost 10 inches!  Gracious.  This one was maybe about 4 inches.  The Wikipedia page says they can move up to 6.5 inches a minute.  Get outta my way banana!

Almost to the beach.  The last 10 feet of stair well was something I could not traverse. Many of the stairs were washed away.  I probably could have carefully slid or shimmied down.  I just did not feel I could climb out.  So, my journey ended 10 feet above the beach.  Sony Too served me well.

Three sea birds (sorry, don't know what they are), and over there, to the right, just about water level, I believe these are Harbor Seals.

Looking down the other direction of the beach.

That guy or gal on the top, sure looks like he is enjoying his siesta!  LOL

Sony Too zooms to the max.

I swear I see a smile! HAHA, OK, I know animals don't really smile, but, look at that face, will ya?  It spells bliss - - -

I'll just bet there is a special name for that land structure in the background.  Standing so tall.

Time to climb back out.  You can tell from Man's stance this was some good exercise!

He IS smiling.  And, resting!

One last shot of the bay and the fishing boats.

We were tired, and the next day my legs revolted.  The revolt was so worth it.  Younger legs will enjoy this trip to the beach..  Older legs will to, but, may take longer to get back up that hill, and may experience revolt the next few days.  You won't be sorry!



Michelle Goodrum said...

Revolt. Perfect description!

I am constantly amazed and impressed with how steady your hands are with The zoom on Sony Too.

Carol said...

Thanks Michelle. Hold my breath, find something to brace my arms on like a tripod, if I can. Otherwise, pray, and hope there is at least one shot I can pull out with digital editing. ;-)