Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tarpon Springs Florida, Sponges and Art

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At the end of January 2014, we met extended family over in Tarpon Springs for lunch, strolling, visiting.  As you can see from the photo above, wall art, building painting is popular here too.  I love finding local art on walls, great stories, nice tributes to the local citizens.

According to this Wikipedia article, "Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the US."  Needless to say, we had Greek for lunch.  Needless to say, it was yummy!

Below, more wall art, tiles (painted I believe) depicting diving for sponges.

A sponge diver remembered.  For the most part, the sponge diving industry died after the 1947 red tide algae bloom desecrated the sponge fields in this area.

And another wall art on tiles.

Down at the docks we found a bit of fauna.

Have docks, have boats.

A different kind of art, a sea turtle I believe.

In any tourist area worth it's weight in tourists, you will find ice cream (or frozen yogurt).  Not sure you will find a cone this large tho.  (Note:   No carbs or sugar or calories in this version.)

Sponges.  Many for sale in the many many stores are now imports.  These were shaped like bowls, not round sponges like we think of for bathing or square for doing dishes.

The day was more about enjoying the extended family, no museums today.  Then again, with all the street and wall art, we still absorbed some of the history of this unique town.  The docks by the way, are not all this town has to offer, as we left we drove through the downtown area.  One could shop and stroll there for a day or more.


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